Procedures to stay COVID 19 secure

The church PCC has decided that we should close for worship for at least six weeks even though public worship is officially permitted by the government. This brings us in line with several other local churches in the Stretford Deanery. The reasons for closing are based on the virulent nature of the new strain of COVID virus, the large increases in numbers of people who have died or have tested positive for the virus and the general age of our congregation.

 Therefore, the church will be closed for services from 10th January until at least 14th February. The PCC will then review the situation.

However, the PCC has agreed that we should open the church for two hours on Thursday afternoons from 1pm to 3pm for private prayer. The church will thus be open on Thursdays from 14th January to 11th February (and we will put on the heating!) We would emphasise that in order not to break any lockdown rules and to protect everyone that those attending do not use it for a social chat but for private and silent prayer

The Church of England has issued strict guidance on procedures to be introduced on reopening of churches for worship and private prayer.

As a result the following systems have been put in place:

- a record of attendees at each service will be taken and retained for 21 days.

- all people entering the church must apply gel to their hands on arrival.

- all people, including ministers, must wear masks over their nose and mouth throughout the service unless leading all or part of the service. (Exemptions are only allowed for special medical cases).

- a one way system is now in place in the church.

- social distancing of 2m must be maintained - to enable this some pews have been taped off and in the open pews, seating positions have been marked with red and white tape.

- couples (or more) from the same household or 'social care bubble' can sit together.

- services will be shown on the 'screen' and books or orders of service will not be issued.

- we will not sing any hymns but organ, keyboard or recorded music may be played.

- refreshments will not be served after the service.

- the collection plate will be placed at the entrance to the worship area.

- cleaning of the church in line with COVID-19 standards will be carried out each week.


We hope that you will appreciate the need for these restrictions and will join us for our services. The web site will be used to let you know the type of service for each Sunday. It will also have a copy of the risk assessment carried out for the COVID-19 hazards.

Those willing to read lessons during services will need to bring their own bible or copy of the reading.

Thank you for your patience throughout the lockdown and in abiding by the new procedures as we get back together again. Thanks also for those who have continued with financial support through the lockdowns in 2020.

COVID 19 Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment