Midweek Groups

Fellowship Groups

In the bible, fellowship has two meanings:

  1. The sharing of life with fellow believers (see, e.g., Acts 2:42)
  2. Our union with Jesus Christ (see, e.g., 1 Corinthians 1:9)

Fellowship groups at Christ Church aim to deepen both of these.

We spend time together in small groups; loving, caring and sharing with each other.
We deepen our love for and faith in Jesus as we look at the bible and pray.
We encourage each other to live lives of worship to God.

Fellowship groups meet on Tuesdays at 7-9:30pm. There is also a group for women, with a creche if required, on Thursdays at 10-11:30am.


New Music Evening

Once a month we gather on a Monday evening in church to learn new songs. Anyone is welcome to join us. The next new music evening will be in September.