Church Organisations & Jubilee Banner


This folder gives information on groups which meet regularly at Christ Church.  Where groups meet in the Parish Hall you will find thier details in that section.


Jubilee Banner

During Holy Week, one of the activities undertaken was the production of a banner or wall hanging bearing a twelve inch square representing each of our Church Organisations or groups. We soon realised that it would take longer to make than one week but we were determined to have it ready for the anniversary.

Mrs. Anne Bottomley helped us to keep up the momentum and co-ordinated the work. Here is a description and explanation of the twenty squares.

                         1     2     3     4     5

                         6     7     8     9    10

                        11    12    13   14   15

                        16    17    18   19    20

1. The Vicarage - The house with the late afternoon sun with its smiley face has been called an oasis by some who have found solace there. All the family play their part in contributing to what the Vicar is able to do. We always try to give a good welcome but sometimes life gets a bit hectic, as it does for all, and sometimes hard to find an unoccupied room.

2. The Churchwardens - The silhouette of the Parish Church is surrounded by the four altar frontal motifs - crown, triple cross, flames, loaves and fishes. In addition the crossed keys of Saint Peter and the Province of York.

3. The Vicar - The parish has no official coat-of-arms but from the start has used the badge of a violet shield charged with a gold cross. Over this is hung an ecclesiastical hat of our choral colours: red and royal blue. Behind this is a stole, the vestment of priesthood and to one side, the chi-rho symbol of Christ.

4. The Readers and Lay Assistants - The Reader's blue scarf lies between a dove of peace and the Holy Spirit and a chalice.

5. The Music Group - and the place of music in church life; a treble clef and three singing faces "Praising the Lord".

6. The Prayer Group - and the place of prayer in the life of a Christian. The Cross, the supreme prayer of the Son to the Father interceding for the world and a pair of hands in an attitude of prayer.

7. The Flower Guild - and the place of flowers in celebratory decoration. An orchid one of the most prized flowers.

8. The Mothers Union - It's world wide activities are symbolised by the map of the world and the prayer for "world peace" by the dove.

9. The Spanners - Our teenage church group. Three mechanics spanners and five smiling faces.

10. Bible Groups - at present three. The Bible is the foundation document of the Church and one of the ways God is able to speak to us. By getting hold of it together, we are encouraged to read it regularly on our own.

11. The European Scout Federation - Although fairly new among us they have made a good start and are full of enthusiasm. A traditional scout hat and a cross.

12. The Playgroup and Kids & Co - (Mothers, Carers and Toddlers group) A teddy bear, almost a universal toy, recalling the childhood of all of us (Have you still got yours?) and three toddlers of different races.

13. The Church Lads and Church Girls Brigade -  The flag of England and St George, a cross, the initials CLCGB, date of foundation 1891, and silhouettes of a girl and a boy in uniform.

14. Sunday School - A girl and a boy.

15. The 4th Davyhulme Guide company - The trefoil badge of Guiding and a star.

16. The 3rd Davyhulme (Lostock) Scout Group - This is not a Church Organisation but we have has good relations as neighbours both here and at Whalley Avenue. It was registered on 17th May 1943, the day of the Dam Busters' Raid, and it was started at Lostock Presbyterian Church by Metro-Vick workers making Lancaster Bombers. Hence the Scouting arrow-head is charged with the silhouette of a Lancaster.

17. The Women's Fellowship - The clasped hands of greeting and friendship.

18. The Thanksgiving and Pastoral Link scheme - The anglican Stewardship Association badge - two hands offering us a heaped bowl.

19. The Wednesday Afternoon Social Club - Over sixties enjoying the piano, music, a good sitdown, a chat and a cup of tea. 

20. The Cup that Cheers - A tea-pot pouring into a cup. Tea, coffee and orange drink have almost become a sacrament, certainly a catalyst for fellowship and an encouragement to stay and talk after a service. Meals have always been good for human relations, supposedly that is why God chose the Eucharist to express his friendship with us.






PCC and Standing Committee
The elected church councils

Mother's Union
A ladies group which meets at St Clements

Fantasy Football
A group which runs a Fantasy Football league during the football season and is open to everybody.

Weekly Bible and Study Groups
Two weekly groups are held throughout the year on Tuesdays and Thursdays. New members are always very welcome.

Music Group
A weekly group which offers anybody a chance to sing.

Flower Guild
A group providing flower arrangements in the church.