Eco-Congregation Award 2014

Davyhulme Energy Saving Project (Part2)

The second stage of the DESP project was undertaken in 2011 when the 40 year old Parish Hall was upgraded to modern sustainable building standards by installing insulation, double glazing and a new high efficiency condensing gas boiler.

This was supported by a significant grant from Veolia Environmental Services and carried out by local companies.


The impact of the improvements were immediately noticeable with comments that "the hall feels a lot more cosy" being typical.

The reduction in gas usage to heat the Parish Hall is shown in the chart. 

These same benefits are available to us all if we carry out the same measures in our homes as was done in the hall.




Cookery Courses
 A highly successful series of cookery courses for young parents based on the WRAP ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ and the WI ‘Lets Cook Local’ programmes were run in 2013 and 2013 by two members of the IDEA team. The first of three courses was run in Kingsway Primary School and for two futher courses the kitchen of the Parish Hall was used.
IDEA funded the first course itself and was then successful in our bid for funding from the Women’s Institute and Groundwork Eco-streets to help with the running of the other classes and purchasing of resources.

In addition to preparing appetising meals participants were encouraged to see the health benefits of using fresh ingredients and the cost and energy savings compared to buying ready-made meals. Avoidance of waste by reusing left-overs and storing food properly was also a feature of the courses.

Each course comprised six regular sessions including making food such as: homemade pizzas, bread, fruit salads, frittata, homemade burgers, coleslaw, potato wedges and flapjacks. The courses have been attended by parents of some of the children from Kingsway Primary School and Canterbury Road Day Nursery. Participants were awarded with certificates.


 Christ Church Garden

This is a new project for IDEA started in 2012 with the aim to support a local pre-school nursery by converting some unused church grounds into a community garden.  Children and teachers have unlimited access to the garden as do the many users of the adjacent parish hall and church congregation who can sit in and view the garden. 

We have installed:

  1. raised growing frames for growing vegetables and flowers;
  2.  a sensory growing bed for herbs and insect/butterfly attracting plants;
  3.  a bed of soft fruit bushes (non – prickly type);
  4. grow pots of potatoes, tomatoes and soft fruit;
  5. a poly-tunnel/greenhouse for planting seeds & growing plants;
  6. a picnic table and bench for use by children and visitors.

Volunteers from the nursery staff and children’s parents along with IDEA volunteers have helped to develop the garden with support of a grant from Trafford MBC.

In a suburban area such as Davyhulme projects which link all ages and interest groups help to foster a community spirit and bring enjoyment and pleasure to all involved. Through working with children, nursery staff and parents the garden is intended to raise awareness of the way small gardens can be developed to grow crops and make them wild-life friendly. A bird feeding station has been successful in attracting birds to the garden. A bug hotel has been constructed near to the polytunnel and bird boxes have been put up on the trees.

Up to 60 young children per year from the Canterbury Road Nursery have made weekly visits to see plants growing and to play in the garden. In addition the Play & Stay pre-school group with 25 young children, which uses the Parish Hall weekly, has also started to plant and grow things in the garden.