Eco-Congregation Award 2008

In May 2006 the environment group named IDEA (Improving Davyhulme's Environmental Awareness) was set up at Christ Church with the full approval of the PCC and congregation.

Aims and Objectives
The aims of the group are:

  • To promote for the benefit of the public the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment
  • To advance the education of the public in the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment
  • To advance the education of the public in all areas relating to health and well-being
  • To further our involvement with stakeholders

The objectives of IDEA are:

  • To fulfil and achieve eco-congregation status at Christ Church
  • To set attainable targets for recycling and environmental awareness
  • To engage with local people in an enjoyable and constructive way to promote a healthy lifestyle and healthy environment
  • To build community partnerships
  • To collaborate with established local and national, official and voluntary groups promoting excellence in environmental awareness and practice
  • To share our vision with emerging generations

The launch of IDEA was celebrated on 26th May 2006 when Stephen Lowe, the Bishop of Hulme and Ms Beverley Hughes, MP for Stretford chaired a morning conference for an invited audience followed by a lunch. 

Speaking at the launch MP Bev Hughes commended this new initiative as ‘important and innovative’; “Manchester needs initiatives like this”, she said.

“Such an initiative is deeply in tune with the values of Christian faith”, said Stephen Lowe, Bishop of Hulme. “We need a just and sustainable community, city and region, and IDEA! Is an important contribution to securing that goal.”

Other speakers at the launch of IDEA included urban planner Dr. Joanne Tippet (University of Manchester), scientist and theologian Prof R. J. (Sam) Berry (UCL) and Chair of IDEA! Rev. Bob Hill (Christ Church).

Environmental Improvements
A range of projects were undertaken in the first three years of the life of IDEA and these focussed on the church ensuring that it got it's own 'house in order'.
Iniatives introduced included:

  • Siting recycling bins in car park;  
  • Ensuring that all waste paper from church activities was recycled;
  • Using only recycled paper for printing;
  • Setting up an indoor recycling centre for mobile phones, printer cartridges, spectacles, stamps and batteries;
  • Introduced ‘Ecover’, environmentally friendly cleaning products used throughout the church and Parish hall;
  • Purchasing new crockery and glassware to avoid using disposable plastic and paper products;
  • Use of Fairtrade products for refreshments;
  • Purchase of bicycle stands to encourage less car journeys;
  • Renewed focus on caring for God's creation in church services and children's groups;
  • Educational and promotional activities to encourage church members to follow these examples in their daily lives:
  • Litter Picks in community in support of Big Tidy Up campaign;





Eco-congregation and Assessment 2008
In April 2008, two assessors from Eco-congregation visited the church to audit the work carried. Church members, including many Junior church children, enthusiastically told them all that had been done in the previous three years.
The report of the assessors stated :

"The assessors, Mike and Marc were delighted to visit, and felt that the church has done really well and has generated a lot of enthusiasm, which has led to various personal lifestyle changes and eco-things well integrated with the teaching, worship, youth and day-to-day running of the church"

At a service to celebrate the award on 1st June 2008 (Environment Sunday) the plaque was presented to IDEA members by Chris Edmondson, the Bishop of Bolton. The service was followed by a Bring and Share lunch.