Eco-Congregation Award 2011

Davyhulme Energy Saving Project (Part 1)
May 1st 2009 saw the launch of a joint project (Davyhulme Energy Saving Project) with the Energy Saving Trust supported by our local authority, at our local primary school. The launch included display stands with various environmental displays and was attended by the mayor and local councillors. An environmental competition was organized for all the school children and an excellent response was received.
The DESP project was aimed at encouraging the local community to take advantage of special offers on Home Insulation. We received funding for this project from our local authority and were able to offer loft and cavity wall insulation at £50 per measure. In addition grants were offered to support the installation of new gas boilers. The final figures on this initiative showed that 331 households took advantage of this special offer. During this time a total of 652 households had contact either for installations, advice, completion of HECS or new boilers.

 A lifetime CO2 saving of 6,106.5 tonnes in Davyhulme as a residential area was identified.

British Gas Green Streets Competition
 In October 2009, IDEA became a regional finalist in the British Gas Green Street Competition. The proposed energy saving project was based on a total upgrade to our Parish Centre, including a new boiler, roof and cavity wall insulation, double glazing and solar panels.
Although we didn’t emerge as winners, the presentation was highly commended. So it was decided to continue with the project subject to finding alternative funding for the various items. To enable this to be assessed accurately the PCC agreed to pay for a survey of Parish Centre to be carried out by Matthew Fletcher Associates to assess heat loss from the building.

Eco-Family Fun Day, Eco-Fair and Climate week Event
An eco-family fun day and coffee evening was run at our local sports centre to promote the educational aspect of our work. In addition a very successful Eco-fair was also held at Christ Church in July 2010. Community Litter picks have become regular events and have been enthusiastically supported by local youth groups.
  Climate Week event on World Water Day in 2011 was organised at our local library. This was a coffee morning with exhibits from many of our partner agencies, e.g. EST, United Utilities, Trafford Council, local allotment representative, bee-keeping, and promotional ideas to prevent food waste with cookery demonstrations using leftovers.  

Smart Meters
February 2011 some of the IDEA group took part in a smart meter project alongside households in Germany and Scandinavia, promoted by the Research Group at Energy and Communication Technologies, of Freiberg, Germany.

Church - Worship and Teaching
In addition to continuing the iniatives from our first award we:

  • Junior church planted bulbs and flowers in Planters for Spring & Summer displays each year and the Bird church has been refurbished.
  • There was an environmental theme to Junior Church lessons on regular basis and in 2008 a scarecrow was made from recycled materials for our Autmn Fair
  • Keith Harris of Tear Fund came to Harvest Festival 2009 to speak giving a focus on worldwide issues & we had a special collection
  • A sermon using of the word HARVEST in 2010 to make different the words  HAVE, STARVE, SHARE, involving guides, brownies, junior church.
  • Rebecca Frost , the DESP project manager from the Energy Saving Trust attended PCC meeting to give her perspective on the work being done by the IDEA team


Second Eco-Congregation Award
Our second award was made in November 2011 when Ms Kate Green the MP for Stretford joined us at our morning service. This linked in well with the part played by her predecessor in helping launch IDEA in 2006.